Sunday, August 14, 2016

Self Care After Being Sick

Recently I got over strep-throat and was on 10 days of antibiotics. Killing germs often brings on more problems that we might not think about as we try to feel/get better.Here are some tips, tricks and products I have in my feel better arsenal.

Take your meds: Duh squared! Listen to the pharmacist and read the info you get with your prescription. Set your schedule per dosing instructions and allow time to eat/not eat if you need to have an empty stomach or a snack with the medicine.

Tea for all your troubles: A warm mug of tea is soothing no matter what's got you down. There are plenty of teas on the market that help with all sorts of medical problems but honestly buying your favorite brand - even splurging on something fancy is best. That way you can enjoy it after you recover. One thing to consider avoiding with tea though is caffeine. I find green tea is okay but anything labeled as 'energizing' - save it because you need rest!

REST!: Yes, rest! If you can take a nap, take a nap. Take two naps if you can! Resting is they key to quick recovery. Even stretching out in bed with a cat or two for a bit gives the body a chance to fight off sick cells.

Skin care - get your glow back: Sometimes after being sick you might loose some of your natural sparkle. To combat dull skin try a soothing mask. My go to right now is First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask
I know $38 is a splurge but the texture and how my skin feels after this mask is really good. I feel hydrated, look rested and not like a sickly zombie. I received a sample tube of this with an order and will be buying this in the future.

From the inside out: Water - drink it! Antibiotics tend to dry you out, thus leaving you grumpy, your skin grumpy and everyone around you grumpy (okay that is stretching it). Eat lots of fresh fruit, sip on water and flush those toxins out.

Yeast beast: A crappy side effect of antibiotics is getting a stupid yeast infection. If you are prone to them like me get a tube of Emerita Yeast Assist Cream. This really helps plus it's 100% vegan and natural.

I hope that you do not have to use these tips right now because you are sick. If you are - please close down your computer and take a nap. I hope you feel better soon!


  1. Good advice. I am ill right now with a sinus infection and fear I might end up on anti-biotics as I have a lung condition and the virus seems to be getting me there too. I am doing ok on the tea and water but not the rest so I will take head of your last sentence!

    1. in april/may i had a sinus infection and had to go to the doctors. it took me 2 weeks to recover. i had lung issues as a kid and with the sinus infection they flared up. i now have to use an inhaler again.