Tuesday, January 13, 2015

El Papagayo - Best Vegan Mexican Food!

I have labeled myself a vegan Mexican food snob and have taken Matt along on the ride. We grew up within miles of each other, had the same taco truck experiences and remember certain foods. We want those memories in our mouth just veganized with love!
When we talk to others about vegan Mexican food we ask them what their fave place is and often a certain northern CA location often comes up. At this point Matt and I look at each other and inwardly roll our eyes because we do not care for the place. People - El Papagayo is where it's at - you need to eat here in order to taste authentically awesome tasty Mexican food!

We plan our day around going to El Papagayo. Lately going up to Sacramento just to consume delicious food is why we are up there.

I always start off with a strawberry margarita, Matt gets a Tecate and I usually steal a sip or two. To go with our drinks we grab loads of chips and salsa from the chip station. My fave salsa is the tropical one with fruity bits and cilantro.

I have been getting the taco salad. It is a large flour tortillia that has been fried then stuffed with beans, rice, veggies, vegan cheeze and your choice of add in, my first go around was nopales.

Last time I had half tofu and half ranchero mushrooms (this is the only place I like mushrooms at!). The salad is so huge that I may need to rethink my eating game plan, almost passing out in a food coma is no fun!

There are so many vegan options that you will have a hard time choosing what to order. Everything from the tacos to the enchiladas have been legit! They even make a really tasty horchata that you must get to go!  The family that owns and runs this place is really top notch in services, kindness and cooking skills. The prices are really good, much food to money payoff! Make it a point to check out this place or I will roll my eyes at you next time we talk Mexican food!

Address: 5804 Marconi Ave Carmichael, CA 95608

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