Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Eats

Saturday morning Greens  Market posted their lunch menu and they had 3 vegan options I had to have! Lunch was aloo gobi, almond basmati rice with almonds and lentil soup - it was all really yummy! They also had in giant organic lemons that we picked up for Sunday's meal. Matt bought me a Fearless chocolate bar in the green tea peppermint flavor. After dinner we split it and we both thought it was really good! The chocolate is high quality and the flavors all mixed in really nicely so nothing overwhelms your taste buds. I want to try the other flavors!

Sunday we grilled up some vegan 'carne asada' tacos! I bought a small grill pan to use and on the back burner wrapped in foil is Mexican style baby red potatoes that I veganized and altered from this Mexican Made Easy recipe. I bought Cholula Hot Sauce in the garlic flavor and it is so good, I usually get the original but really loves this one now! I also served up Matt's mom's red rice and since the lemon was so huge we had extra for squeezing onto everything!


  1. You ate really well this weekend! Love how you used the grill. Yum!

  2. I was ADDICTED to the Cholula garlic sauce (well, maybe not addicted but I loved it)
    It's so good!
    I found an offer online ages ago with bottle reduced to half price and got a whole box!
    I ran out and weaned myself off it
    But now you've posted I might have to get myself some! haha x