Monday, September 5, 2011

New: Zine and Music Video

Issue 3 of my zine The Easy Vegan is out now! It took awhile to get this one together mostly editorial problems - however the wait is worth it. Everything to get you happy is in this issue from the yellow card stock cover to yummy easy recipes and how to make a DIY spa day at home. Please stop by my Etsy store and pick up a copy today! The first 5 copies are in color as an experiment!

I am looking for contributors for 4. This will focus on fall and winter recipes, crafts, gift ideas and how to stay warm. If you want to contribute, contact me and share your ideas. If you contribute you get a free zine and ad space to plug your blog/shop.

My boyfriend Matt's latest completed music video is up now. Please check it out and leave him a comment, show him some love!

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