Monday, July 11, 2011

San Francisco Shopping & Eating

My boyfriend and I headed out to SF over the weekend to check out Renegade Craft Fair , shop in Japan Town and eat!

Shopping - love it, especially when I find cute things for cheap or unique hand made things. This year at Renegade I loved Life {with tigers} - I scored a cat toy, a cat friendly print and a card! I also loved Dorklandia's cute plush ice cream cart! I always feel off taking pictures at craft shows so I refrain, I know I get jumpy when people (not associated with the press) snap away at my table.

In Japan Town I scored lots of fun things at the $1 stores like a cat shaped dish scrubber, odd candy (vegan of course), cell straps. I also did some magazine, stationary and accessory shopping. Black Peace Now even had a 50% sale on some awesome accessories! Like kawaii stuff? Don't worry I picked up some cool items for a giveaway coming up soon! :)

I was looking for a new place to eat in SF and discovered Source. So after taking a bus over there where I was probably seen as a rude vegan for asking two people not to pass a animal laden sandwich across our lap and eat it within inches of my nose (I heard the comments, so whatever, I already had a guy's crotch inches from my face - ick) - I was hungry and hoping to have a good experience.

We were greeted, went over the menu and started off with Spicy Buffalo Cluck. I know the names are a bit odd, but I read they decided to go with the sounds animals make thanking you for not eating them (awwwww!!!!!). Really good - we were missing ranch, so when I posted a Yelp review about not having ranch I got a reply from the owner stating all I had to do was ask next time! Score! Awesome customer service!

I ordered a Koney Island Bow Wow - smoked apple sage field roast with a side of yummy spicy lentil soup. Really good - the fries were perfect and the bow wow - was perfectly cooked as well!

For dessert we went with the Living Mousse Parfait - so amazing! I wanted to lick the bowl clean. It was light and airy and the cocoa nibs provided a tasty edge to the dish. We were happy when we left and texted for our Uber town car to pick us up - no more buses that day for us!

I cannot wait to do more Sf shopping and eat at Source again.

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